Personalized Cuff Links Made With Vintage Maps

Regular price £24.95

A pair of personalized cufflinks custom made for you using real vintage maps. Each set can include one or two placenames that are personal and special to you.

The round cuff links are plated in silver or bronze. They are domed with glass and they will contain  a range of colours, such as blue, green, ochre, brown, cream and grey. 

You can even customise them with such things as mountains, lakes, castles or national landmarks and parks. 

How to order yout own custom set: simply leave your two location choices in the message box on your order form. I'll get back to you to confirm your choices. 

The cufflinks are 16mm in diameter.

I love maps, and have a huge collection, so if you're worried your location may be too obscure, it may not! The locations you choose can be from all around the world too. Popular choices include honeymoon destinations, birthplaces, wedding locations, children's birthplaces and places of study. 

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