Custom Groom or Groomsmen Cufflinks

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Give your guy a personal gift that he'll cherish. I use real vintage maps to create each set of personalised map cufflinks. The cufflinks transform a formal outfit into something with real personality. You can choose one or two locations from the UK or anywhere around the world. 

It works like this: you choose one or two locations special to you. I then create the cufflinks using maps from my large collection. It's very easy, and I'll work with you to get the best result.

So, to order, just leave a note in the box for me letting me know your one or two locations. I'll get in touch to confirm them with you.

Useful info:

The cufflinks are bronze plated.

They are round, 16mm diameter, with a 5mm glass dome.

Colours vary but they will generally contain a mix of blue, green, brown, white, pale red and yellow. 

Cufflink production takes between 3-5 days, and you'll receive a shipping notification when they're ready to go. 

They are awesome!

Each set arrives in its own box, packed in a handmade map envelope.