Home Decor: Mid Century Modern Decorations, Earth Tones, Vintage Upcycled Books

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Five stunning home decor did-century-modern-style paper ornaments, created using high quality card and upcycled vintage nature books. I love the simple retro curves of these home decor piece. I make them using high-quality textured cardstock, with a centre made from a vintage nature book, so you'll glimpse squirrels, dinosaurs or fish as they spin. These ornaments turn in the air currents, spining on invisible thread.I've used a range of Fall and Winter earth tones - Forest green, amber, oak, earth, teal and muted purple. Dimensions are all slightly different to add visual interest but the largest are approximately 11 inches in length by 5 inches in width (30cm x15cm) and the smallest are approx 9 in long by 4in wide (20cm x 10cm). I make my hanging ornaments carefully in groups so that the shapes, sizes and colours harmonise with each other. Colours are as shown. The ornaments are flat packed. Delivery is from the UK and takes 5-15 days to the US/Europe, 1-2 days to UK, and 5-20 days elsewhere. More paper decorations: