Order a custom item made from your favourite book

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Daft about Dickens? Ardent about Austen? Mad about Murakami? You've come to the right place, because this is where you can order a custom handmade set of earrings, cufflinks or a bracelet featuring your favourite author. I'll create a piece especially for you!

How it works: leave the book title you'd like me to use in the box on the right, complete your order, and I'll get in touch if I need any further information from you, such as favourite characters etc. 

I can use any book at all, including textbooks, novels and comic books, for example. Most books I use will be secondhand and unwanted, but I will need to acquire them for you, so these pieces are more expensive than my readymade pieces. 

If the book is rare or expensive (over £10) I'll contact you to let you know.