Paper Book Christmas Decorations, Set of 10, Christmas Tree Ornaments

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A unique set of 10 handmade book paper Christmas decorations, created using unwanted vintage books. Each book pom pom can be hung separately, and will twirl and spin, making them truly eye catching. This set is made using Sherlock Holmes novels! They give a real literary touch to your home decor this Holiday season. Each decoration is 4 inches in diameter, or 10 cm. They are stitched together using thread, with a length left on for ease of hanging, so you can hang them on your tree, across a doorway or in a window. The decorations will arrive flat packed, and only need their wings folding out to create a globe shape. Each set is packed in its own handmade book page envelope! I use a range of books, so the paper colours may vary slightly from the ones shown in the images, but they are all soft gentle natural tones, ranging from cream to a slightly more intense gold of aged paper. This particular set is made from a copy of Sherlock Holmes stories, but I also use dictionaries and all sort of novels and textbooks. You can use them to decorate events in bookshops, schools and libraries too. I can also offer different sizes to suit your needs, please do ask.