Superhero Party Decorations, Comic Book Geekery, Paper Hearts

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8 handmade vintage paper heart decorations, recycled from old comic books. Each ornament is unique! This particular one is an old Wonder Woman book, but I also use a range of other characters! You will receive 8 hearts per pack, and they arrive 'flat packed'. I supply paper fasteners and invisible thread so that popping them into shape and stringing them is super easy for you! Each heart has a discreet tab with a hole so they can be strung easily. Each ornament is approximately 5in x 4in (15cm x 10cm). These objects are bright and playful, introducing movement and colour into your room. The look great hung together in a group from the ceiling so the breeze can catch them, or along the mantel piece. They can also be strung on twine to create a pretty garland as a wedding decoration.