Valentines Day paper decorations, recycled romance novels, retro geometric curves, pink white

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A set of five large paper Valentine's Day decorations in hot pink, pale pink, and book! The central strip is made from a large print romance novel, so you get to read little fragments of the story on each one. A sweet and intriguing retro-style decoration! Dimensions: approx 11 inches in length by 8 inches in width (30cm x15cm). Sizes will vary slightly. The decorations spin and turn gently. I use high quality cardstock that has a faint eggshell sheen. The bottoms are joined together with coloured paper fasteners and the tops are punched and riveted so they can be strung up easily. Each set comes with a small roll of invisible nylon thread so you can string them to suit. The ornaments come flat packed, needing only to be fixed at the base. Paper fasteners and instructions are supplied - it's a very simple one-step process.