Wedding Decoration, Cream, 3 Yards, Wedding Garland, Paper Hearts, Vintage Shakespeare Book

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A paper heart garland created using upcycled Shakespeare book pages. A pretty and delicate wedding decoration - to give a literary touch to your party! I make these from old complete edition of Shakespeare's plays. Each garland is appx 3 yards long and has eight hearts. Strung on natural linen, each heart moves gently in the breeze They can be used outdoors on dry days, but are best used indoors. 10 feet (appx 3 yards/3 metres) in length. 8 ornaments, each approximately 4in x 4in (11cm x 11cm). The sizes and shapes will vary slightly. - Strung on durable 100% recycled linen twine, which tones with the colour of the paper. You will receive: eight paper ornaments strung on hessian string, flat packed handily to fit through you letterbox. Everything you need is supplied in the pack. I can supply these in multiples and varying lengths, please do ask! Light up your life with more paper decor: Back to my shop: